Planting trees df techniques to from a forest,
the ultimate safety zone for the clients,

From impossible to possible, from imagination to reality

By offering the latest techniques and the best experts,
KIWONTECH is the leading IT company that provides customers with the utmost outcome.

In this rigid current society, KIWONTECH has been steadily planting the trees of techniques
for the past 20 years since its establishment.
Now, the trees of techniques have grown in to their full sizes and have created
a forest which is the ultimate safety zone for the clients.

Recently, the value of information has grown to its largest size and
that is the priority KIWON offers to the client with the E-mail Secure Program.
More to the E-mail Security program, KIWON offers ERP,
establishment of official sites and other services the client company needs.

KIWON promises to keep up the good work of being the forest,
the safety zone for the Domestic and global client companies.


  • Now - 2011
  • A big step towards the wolrld,
    Global Company KIWONTECH
SECU MAIL GUARD provided at Vietnam Department of Defense
MOU with Oman Country(Ozone United, Interactive Solutions and Services) SECU MAIL GUARD provided at Aju Savings Bank
Launched New Logo and Brand name as SCM GUARD Platform
(Original SCM GUARD as the representative brand for Email Security Solution) (Modified original SCM GUARD SECU MAIL GUARD to RECEIVE GUARD) (Integrated Original SCM GUARD and SECU MAIL to SECU MAIL) SECU MAIL GUARD provided at Hyundai Heavy Industries
SECU MAIL GUARD provided at Korean Women's Development Institute
SECU MAIL GUARD provided at Korea Engineering Plastic
Patent for Email System (No: 10-1696877)
Participated 2017 RSA security exhibition
Participated Big Site Exhibition in Japan
Partnership with VNETWORK in Vietnam
Selected as the Born2global company
MOU with Japanese company Taiyo/I-Service
Selected as the export-support company by SMBA
Selected as 2017 KOTRA's information security product for US delegation
Selected as the 2017 Academic-Industrial Cooperation Company
Selected as theLeading IT Comapny to be supported by KOTRA
Selected as the promising IT Business to be supported for export by KISA
Selected as the promising IT Business for export to Middle East by KOTRA
Participated in KOTRA export conference
Launched SECU mail service in Japan and Vietnam
TEPS Management system for Seoul National University
Re-construction of Korean Medical Associationmember management system and webpage integration Released SCM CLOUD - hybrid of Mail and GUARD
Released SECU MAIL Spam
Signed SungKyunKwan University MOU contract
Joined Korean Trade Association and Korea IndustrialTechnology Promotion Association SCM GUARD selected at KOTRA KJIP Security Export Conference
SCM GUARD LG Chem, Ltd., IBK Capital, Dongyang Piston BMT
SCM GUARD introduced as Hyundai’s affiliate
Chosen as Korea’s Representative Companyin Korea-China Youth Innovation Startup Competition Selected in the Export Business Plan supervisedby the Small and Medium Business Administration
Selected in the K-ICT Born2Global Center’s‘16 Years Overseas Expansion Supporting Plan’ Korea Cyber Delegation of US
Participated in K Solution Fair
Participated in Japan's Smart Korea Forum
Hosted Cyber Security Seminar in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Awarded grand prize for 2 year in-a-row with'Korea's Cyber Security Solution'
Developed Network and LMS System for Lifelong Education Center
SECU MAIL System Service exported to China and other foreign countries
During overseas business, Network business department’sSMS Service for China introduced in Korea Released world’s first self-learning mail firewall for SCM GUARD
Patent Pending (Application No. : 10-2015-0094764)
Hyundai Oilbank adopts SCM GUARD
Selected as “Good Software” and participated in exhibition
Won the grand award for Security Solution section at the‘2015 Korea Business Awards Ceremony Pohang Branch establishment
KIWONTECH’s incorporation transition to commemorateits 20th Foundation Anniversary Commenced SECU Mail Service
Patent applied for SECU Mail (Application No. : 10-2014-0102511)
Commenced SECU Encryption Service
Developed PLC Device Control and Interlocking program
Entered the Security Solution market
Commenced SECU Mail service for China and Hong Kong
Developed website and Mobile App for Anyang Kyocharo
Commenced Real-time automated back-up program service
Developed website and Mobile App for Anyang Kyocharo
Commenced Real-time automated back-up program service
Commenced independent engine beta version service for Mail service
Developed massive data transmission program
Massive data transmission program service using Silverlight(Without installing Active X)
Developed IPX (Fixed IP access) access program
Officially opened service for real-time community, ARIMI.(PC and Mobile) Developed mail system for Korea Workers'Compensation and Welfare Service
Commenced real-time communication ARIMI beta version service
Developed multi-download program
Began providing minimum service speed of 100MBps forIDC customer companies Developed automated distribution delivery management program

Company vision

As a sculpture pours one's time and effort in carving a rock in order to create masterpiece,
KIWONTECH has been pouring it's heart and soul in providing the customers with various solutions for the client's need for more than 20 years.
Now, KIWON has developed itself as a company that is 100% satisfying and 100% innovative.
More to that, KIWON will leap up to be the leader in the market and related field.

Client company


these are the client companies harnessing
KIWON';s solution


Many other companies are sharing KIWON's service


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    53, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Contact TEL : 02-6012-7406
    FAX : 02-6085-4330
  • e-mail
  • IDC 233-5, Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu,
    Seoul, Republic of Korea